CAP and animal welfare

CAP and animal welfare

Why and how can farm animal welfare be improved under the new CAP?

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Fewer animals and better welfare… that’s the challenge for the New Green Deal and for the CAP.

The brochure addresses the issue of economic viability, a question of policy coherence.

Since the publication of our document, the new CAP 2023-2027 has been validated. But everything that is written remains relevant and adaptable to the new cross-compliance, ecoscheme, 2nd pillar and common market organisation (CMO) scheme.

The European Commission has opened up numerous possibilities for support to improve animal welfare, but without any obligation. The Member States, or the Regions, make use of them or not. Our text sets out the key issues and the criteria that would be relevant. It criticises the indicators currently in use, and proposes solid indicators. But competition for CAP funding is fierce, and animal welfare is losing out.

Sustainability and animal welfare objectives will therefore have to be integrated into trade policies – in other words, LESS and BETTER. Animals are sentient beings, not merchandise.